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Special Motor For Water Pump

2021-11-26 08:23:21
Special Motor For Water Pump

The special motor for water pump is a general machine with large quantity and wide range. Its annual power consumption accounts for 50-60% of the total power generation in China. More than 70% of the small and medium-sized asynchronous motors produced every year are used to drive the fan and water pump. For a long time, the way of increasing resistance by regulating valve has been mainly adopted to achieve the purpose of regulating flow. Therefore, the throttling power consumption is very large. If the flow of fan and water pump is adjusted by changing the speed of driving motor, its system efficiency can be greatly improved and expenses can be saved. YDT series variable pole multi speed three-phase asynchronous motor is an efficient, energy-saving, simple, reliable and economical driving power specially designed for occasions where flow regulation is required for fluid loads such as fan and water pump.

Product Features:

1. This series of motors adopt a specially designed winding scheme.

2. The corresponding relationship between the power and frame number of this series of motors is basically equivalent to that of Y series motors, that is, the high-speed gear of two speed motors is mostly equal to or close to the center height corresponding to the same power and speed of single speed motors, which is convenient for users' selection and energy-saving transformation.

3. The power setting of the motor is determined based on the load characteristics of the fan and water pump, that is, the torque is directly proportional to the square of the speed, and the required power is directly proportional to the cubic of the speed. It has high efficiency and power factor in both high-speed and low-speed operation.

4. Since this series of motors change the speed by changing the wiring of the motor winding, it does not need a complex control system, the one-time investment is very low, and it can operate reliably without special maintenance.

5. The appearance and installation dimensions of this series of motors are the same as those of Y Series single speed three-phase asynchronous motors.


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