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Causes of motor failure

2021-05-08 02:24:38

When the customer uses the servo motor on some machines, the noise is too loud and the motor driven load runs erratically. When this problem occurs, many users react that the quality of the servo motor is not good, because sometimes it will change gradually. Put in the motor or variable frequency motor to drive the load, the noise and instability are much smaller. On the surface, this is indeed the reason for the servo motor, but after carefully analyzing the working principle of the servo motor, we will find that this conclusion is completely wrong.

AC servo system includes: servo driver, servo motor and feedback sensor (usually servo motor with optical encoder). All these components operate in a controlled closed-loop system: the driver receives parameter information from the outside, and then provides a certain current to the stepping servo motor. The current is converted by the motor into a torque driven load, and the load acts on or accelerates and decelerates according to its own characteristics. The sensor measures the position of the load so that the driving equipment can compare the set information value with the actual position value, and then change the motor current so that the actual position value is consistent with the set information value. When a sudden change in load causes a speed change, the encoder knows that the speed change will immediately respond to the servo driver, so as to change the load supplied to the servo motor to meet the load change and return to the set speed.

This eccentricity is caused by the fact that the two holes of the part do not coincide with the rotation of the workbench or deviate too much when installing the part. Or due to the improper manufacture of the top hole and the top hole, the contact of the positioning surface is insufficient, resulting in eccentricity. Therefore, the ring diameter runout should be mainly solved from the above reasons. Gear hobbing processes gears through the principle of forming method and the distance from tool to gear blank. The gear transmission chain maintains the accuracy of motion with a certain transmission ratio. However, these drive chains consist of a series of transmission components. Their manufacturing and assembly errors must be concentrated at the end of the transmission chain during the transmission movement, resulting in the non-uniformity of relative movement and affecting the machining accuracy of gear teeth.




Add: Sanyaqiao Industrial Zone, Ze Guo Town, Wenling
City, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

Tel: +8613958671822   +8613385863111

GM: Mr. Sun

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