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High noise of three-phase induction motor

2021-10-22 02:31:31

When using frequency converter to drive three-phase induction  motor, we often encounter the noise of three-phase induction  motor. The following three-phase induction  motor factory will discuss with you on the cause analysis and treatment. There are two reasons for the high noise of the motor: mechanical and electrical.

1. Mechanical aspects, such as scraping the motor shell, damage to the motor or cooling fan, unstable fixation of the motor, etc. This aspect of the situation is easier to deal with. As long as the noise source can be found, it is generally easy to deal with.

2. Electrical aspects

(1) Motor resonance sometimes, the motor will produce mechanical resonance in a certain frequency band during operation. At this time, the frequency hopping setting method of the frequency converter can be used. Generally, the frequency converter has a "frequency hopping" setting, which is used to set the frequency of motor resonance. When the frequency converter operates in this frequency band, skip this frequency to avoid motor resonance.

(2) The load capacity of the motor is reduced. Sometimes, after the motor is used for a long time, or the motor quality is poor, the load capacity will be reduced. The noise of the motor here will also be greater than normal.

(3) If the carrier frequency of the frequency converter is set too low, the carrier frequency can be set higher appropriately, but it will bring some problems. If the carrier frequency is set too high, it will interfere with other equipment, especially when PLC communication mode is adopted. Therefore, the carrier frequency should be set according to the actual situation of the site.

(4) When the high-order harmonic component of frequency converter is large, it is easy to increase the motor vibration, jitter and instability of speed, and increase the motor noise. AC (input side) and DC (output side) reactors are installed here.




Add: Sanyaqiao Industrial Zone, Ze Guo Town, Wenling
City, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

Tel: +8613958671822   +8613385863111

GM: Mr. Sun

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