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Disassembly sequence of explosion-proof motor

2021-05-08 03:00:43

Sometimes there are some faults in the operation of explosion-proof motor, so it is necessary to repair and maintain the motor. It is necessary to detect and deal with errors after dismantling the explosion-proof motor. How should the motor be dismantled? What is the sequence of disassembly? Next, let's explain:

Preparations before disassembly of explosion-proof motor: firstly, mark and label the motor wire head, junction box, end cover, brush holder and other key parts and wiring for easy identification, and detect and test these parts and wire heads at the same time.

Disassembly sequence and method of explosion-proof motor:

1. First cut off the power supply of explosion-proof motor, disassemble the connecting wire between explosion-proof motor and power supply, and then insulate the power supply to avoid electric shock.

2. Loosen the belt pulley and motor coupling. At this time, all the anchor bolts and grounding wire bolts can be loosened.

3. Remove the coupling and pulley, and then remove the fan cover and fan. If there is dust on the fan cover and fan blade, it shall be cleaned in time.

4. If the explosion-proof motor is a wound motor, the brush holder, brush, outgoing line and other key components can be lifted and removed first.

5. Disassembly sequence of end cover and outer cover: remove the outer cover of front bearing, front cover, rear bearing outer cover and rear cover.

6. Take out the main components of the rotor, keep the inside of the rotor clean and avoid any collision.

7. Check whether the bearing of explosion-proof motor is intact. Then remove the front bearing - front bearing inner cover - rear bearing - rear bearing inner cover.

Conclusion: the disassembly sequence of explosion-proof motor is very important. Each disassembly shall be tested and troubleshooting, so as to ensure the normal operation of explosion-proof motor after maintenance and troubleshooting.




Add: Sanyaqiao Industrial Zone, Ze Guo Town, Wenling
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